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Need Quick & Stunning Photos for your site? Check out our Top 5 Commercial Use/Royalty Free Stock Photo Sites + Bonus

Whether you’re planning out your new website or creating new content for an existing one, there’s always a need for stunning, visually appealing photos to captivate your audience and convey a certain feeling behind your brand. These days, we’re lucky that we have so many options for great looking stock photos, but what about licenses, royalties, attributions, and limits to personal use? Those are all important factors you must consider when selecting a photo – or else you may run into costly legal issues down the road. Luckily, at Quick & Stunning Websites, we’ve done the work for you* and have shared our favorite royalty-free, commercial-use, free stock photos with no attribution required! *NOTE: Terms of use for any of these services could change at any time without our knowledge. It’s up to you to keep informed about the licensing of the photos you use, not us. Stunning Free Stock Photo Site #1 – Unsplash Unsplash features a feed of 10 new free high resolution stock photos every 10 days. They tend to be on the more artistic side – each worth appreciating in it’s own right. Heads up- these beautiful photos are not categorized, so if you are looking for something specific, this site may not be for you. (We still love Unsplash thought!) Stunning Free Stock Photo Site #2 – PicJumbo Need to search for your images by category? PicJumbo has a HUGE selection of high-resolution, high-end free stock photos. PicJumbo is our go-to for many of our clients. (You may even notice some on our site!) Stunning Free Stock Photo Site #3 – Pixabay Pixabay is yet another... read more

Are your website colors hurting your business? Use our Top 4 Quick & Stunning tools for selecting a better web color palette

Whether you believe it or not, colors matter. According to Kiss Metrics, over 93% of customer interest comes from visual appearance. Colors influence mood, brand recognition, purchase decisions and probably a lot more. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tools for you to choose colors for your website. Tool #1 – Colorzilla Colorzilla is a completely free browser add-on for Chrome or Firefox. It allows you to find the exact color hex code of any color on your browser screen. Like that color on someone’s banner? Click. Like that specific hue in a sunset photo? Click. On top of that, it saves them in the “picked color history” for you to go back to later. We use ColorZilla throughout the day while working with designs – which is why it’s at the top of our website color tool list! Tool #2 – Pinterest Color Palettes Would you rather simply browse for color ideas for your website? We highly recommend Pinterest for this option. Simply search Pinterest for color palettes and you’ll end up with pages of pre-selected palettes that look stunning. Of course, you can even pin them to your own board to compare your favorites. Tool # 3 – Palleton Color Scheme Designer The Palleton Color Scheme Designer is pretty incredible. You can arrange all sorts of unique color palettes with it. Palleton’s Color Scheme Designer has an overwhelming amount of features. It can do all sorts of complex calculations and arrangements with color – to give you fresh ideas. Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by it all though! Perhaps one of it’s coolest features is that... read more

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